Mexico captures Tijuana drug gang kingpin

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Mexico captures Tijuana drug gang kingpin

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Police in Mexico are hailing another major victory in their bloody war on drug gangs.

They have captured a drug kingpin known for having the corpses of tortured victims dissolved in acid.

A five month manhunt to find Teodoro Garcia Simental ended in southern Baja California in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

Ramon Pequeno, the chief of the operation said Garcia Simental, who is also known as “El Teo” was on the wanted list of both the Mexico and the United States and there was a 1.5 million euro reward for information leading to his arrest.

His arrest marks a second major victory for President Felipe Calderon in recent weeks after an elite navy force killed drug lord, Arturo Beltran Leyva last month.

Authorities have mounted a massive security operation to locate illegal drugs, weapons and cash from drug trafficking and combat an alarming rise in violence since the start of the year.

In one day alone, wars between rival gangs claimed 69 lives in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico’s most dangerous city.

Bloodshed is becoming more grotesque as drug barons try to outdo each others attempts at intimidation.