International community pledges support for Haiti

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International community pledges support for Haiti

International community pledges support for Haiti
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Images of Haiti’s agony have been broadcast around the world.

The international community has pledged to stand by the devastated country in its hour of need and help the many victims.

The voice of the European Union is among those being heard.

“Just one thing on the three million of emergency relief, clearly, this was the first decision,” said European Commission spokesperson John Clancy.
“We have got an echo expert who is trying to get into Port-au-Prince as we speak, flying in from the Dominican Republic.”

Haiti is a former French colony. France’s Foreign Minister and one time humanitarian activist Bernard Kouchner knows rescue teams are working against the clock.

“Let us not be under any illusions,” he told reporters. “We have to act as quickly as possible. There is always this disorganisation and to reach all the buildings which are probably damaged will take time.”

In a show of solidarity, the UN’s Secretary-General made some of his public comments in French.

“It is a tragedy for Haiti, for the Haitian people and for the United Nations,” said Ban Ki-moon.

In English, he added: “We will immediately release ten million dollars from the Central Emergency Relief Fund – that is the CERF.”

A minute’s silence was held at the UN Security Council in New York in memory of quake victims. Its head of mission in Haiti is among those unaccounted for.