Iran blames US and Israel for physicist killing

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Iran blames US and Israel for physicist killing

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Iran says Israel and the United States are behind the assassination of a prominent physicist.

Massoud Ali-Mohammadi was reportedly killed when a bomb strapped to a motorbike was detonated from a distance as he left his home in Tehran.

Iranian state media claim he was a nuclear scientist but other reports say he specialised in quantum physics. Tehran University, where he worked as a lecturer, lists him as a particle physicist. He was not thought to be close to Iran’s highly contentious nuclear program.

Iranian state-run media and the foreign ministry were quick to point the finger at Israel and the US. Washington has dismissed the accusation as “absurd.”

With so much still unclear, speculation abounds.

One student said that with pro- and anti-government supporters busy trying to discredit each other, American and British agents could be trying to fuel the fire and create even more instability.

Iranian officials say Mohammadi was a staunch supporter of the government, while reformists claim he was one of their own.

No group has yet claimed responsibility for the bombing and the motive remains a mystery but it has fed fears among Iran’s opposition that the government may use the killing as an excuse for a further crackdown on their activities.