Cold snap continues to stretch across Europe

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Cold snap continues to stretch across Europe

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The woes of winter are continuing to cause havoc across large parts of Europe.

Germany is slowly getting back to normal after a weekend of heavy snowfall and traffic chaos but there are still reports of delays at some of the country’s biggest airports.

Several flights in and out of Frankfurt were cancelled on Monday as emergency services struggled with the harsh conditions.

In Poland, some workers took matters into their own hands – coming out in force to clear the streets.

Although thousands of people remain without water or electricity because of damaged power lines some shops have been able to remain open for business thanks to a now booming trade in small generators.

The cold snap looks set to stretch across Spain. Nearly half of its 50 provinces have been placed on alert and are preparing for more snowfall and freezing temperatures

America’s Sunshine State, Florida, has also been experiencing an extremely unusual cold spell.

The worst hit areas, in the southern, central and northern counties, are maintaining freeze watches with low temperatures expected to continue.

The state’s famous citrus groves bear witness to the extent of the chill. The orange crop has been significantly damaged but producers say it could take weeks to see if there is any long-term tree loss.