Bulgaria's choice of commissioner finds many MEPs wary

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Bulgaria's choice of commissioner finds many MEPs wary

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The European Parliament’s Liberals, Socialists and Greens have shown themselves to be the most wary of Bulgaria’s nominee for commissioner, Rumiana Jeleva.

The Greens co-president spoke to the Euronews correspondent in Brussels, Sergio Cantone, about wanting to remove any shadow of a doubt. He asked how this nominee was likely to emerge.

Sergio Cantone, Euronews: “Rebecca Harms, heading the Green group, do you think designate commissioner Rumiana Jeleva will pass the exam of the hearing?”

Rebecca Harms, European Parliament’s Green group: “There are rumours around Mrs Jeleva concerning financial interests of her family in Bulgaria, and I would really like her to clean up these rumors. I hope that she has made available to Mr Barroso all possible things which are necessary to clarify whether these rumors on financial interests are based on reality or only ideas of someone that doesn’t support Mrs Jeleva.”

Cantone: “When it comes to preparation for this job, do you think that she is prepared?”

Harms: “So as far as I could see it in her vitae (CV?), she is already a woman in politics, so this is not a new business for her, but anyway Europe is different, she knows Europe already a little bit, because she was already here so she is not a complete newcomer, but I would say it’s again and again very interesting whether people are really able to do the job in the European Commission as a Commissioner or not. So she is not weaker or stronger than other candidates.”

Cantone: “So the main problem remains the conflict of interests with her family’s business?”

Harms: “Once possible confict like that are reported in the press or commented in the press, all people involved should not only go to Court like she announced it but make clear by making the documents available that there are not conflicts of interests.”