Racial violence calmed in Italy but town remains tense

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Racial violence calmed in Italy but town remains tense

Racial violence calmed in Italy but town remains tense
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Order is restored but tensions remain in Rosarno, the scene of Italy’s worst racial unrest for years.

Police reinforcements sent from around the country have ensured that African immigrants involved in violent clashes with local residents since Thursday have been calmly evacuated.

Of the thousands of cheap, seasonal workers without official papers in the region, many want to leave to avoid trouble, but like this man, some have little money to do so.

“ I would like to leave because I don’t want problems. I want to leave but I have no money. What can I do.

Others like this immigrant want to stay and continue working.

“No here I am. I don’t want to leave. I am here to work.”

Those wanting to leave have been set up in temporary accomodation a few kilometers away and promised police protection.

As for the local residents, many are angry at what they see as a destructive immigrant uprising.

Others like this inhabitant say the government is at fault for simply removing immigrant workers where it should be looking after them.

“The state is not trying to intervene. All they are doing is trying to protect them not look after them.”

Away from the eye of the storm in southern Italy, left wing protestors have been on the streets in Rome, defending the immigrants. And they want the resignation of the Interior Minister, who has blamed the violence on the over-tolerance of immigrants in recent years.