Cold snap tests patience of Euro travellers

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Cold snap tests patience of Euro travellers

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Snow and freezing conditions continue to cause mayhem across Europe.

Heavy snow storms hit Germany causing chaos on the roads and at the country’s main airports.

Frankfurt, Germany’s biggest, wiped out hundreds of scheduled flights heaping more aviation misery on stranded and confused passengers:

“I am about to rebook my flight. I wanted to fly to Saarbrucken but the airport is snowed under. So I rebooked a flight to Frankfurt, but this flight has also been cancelled. Now I’m in the queue to rebook again and now I’m not sure if I will ever get to western Germany at all.”

It is a similar story in France as ice and snow hit the capital Paris causing flight cancellations and delays at Charles de Gaulle and Orly airports, while Brest, Lorient, Lyon, Lourdes and Toulouse airports all closed.

On the railways trains crawled across France leading to the late running of many services.

Poland is in the grip of a severe cold snap with temperatures running at -15 degrees Celsius where as many as 122 people have died as a result of the arctic conditions.

And forecasters predict more freezing weather to come.