Wintry chaos continues across Europe

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Wintry chaos continues across Europe

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Severe winter weather continues to cause havoc across Europe, and forecasters claim sub zero temperatures are set to remain for some time.

In the UK, airports across the country were paralysed. At London Gatwick more than 240 flights were cancelled.

Train services were also affected while thousands of schools were forced to close as both teachers and children found travel impossible.

Unusually heavy snowfalls stranded up to 1,000 motorists in the southern county of Hampshire and sections of motorway were temporarily closed.

In Berlin, the city was blanketed in snow – a sight which has become less common in recent years. For many it was enjoyable, but for travellers it was an all too familiar problem of delays and cancellations.

In eastern Poland, flooding increased difficulties for some as the army was brought in to help the residents of Buzyska village who were cut off when the river Bug burst its banks.

In France, motorists in the north and west complained about the lack of salt on many of the main roads, making conditions treacherous.

And there is more to come. Freezing temperatures and snow falls are expected further south over the next few days, making driving something to avoid if at all possible.