Tablets turned at CES

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Tablets turned at CES

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Keep taking the tablets is the advice from computer makers hoping that 2010 will be the year of the tablet computer.

At CES, the world’s biggest consumer technology show, in Las Vegas, Microsoft tried to jump ahead of Apple by unveiled its operating system for the touch screen slate devices being made by various manufacturers and that are due to go on sale in the summer.

Apple’s tablet offering is expected to be announced in late January.

On the gaming front, Microsoft also revealed its challenger to Nintendo’s successful wii games system.

Microsoft’s Xbox 360 consoles have never been as popular as wii, and it hopes to catch up in sales by adding motion-sensing technology.

It plans to have that in shops in time for next Christmas.

Also on show was the new version of Microsoft’s Mediaroom which is designed to show TV programmes on other devices like mobile phones and computers.

Robbie Bach, head of the company’s Entertainment and Devices Division, said: “It’s our vision for what we’re doing on behalf of Microsoft to enable people to get their entertainment experiences on a lot of different screens. Whether that’s a mobile phone, a PC, or the TV. And so each of those screens plays a little bit of a different role, but they’re all are going to have access to the richness of our entertainment content.”