European freeze continues

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European freeze continues

European freeze continues
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Arctic conditions across the UK and many other European countries continue to cause misery.

All forms of transport – road, rail, and air – have been severely disrupted.

Some councils in the UK admit supplies of salt and grit are running out. There have been reports of seaside towns using sand from the beaches to render roads safer.

With one in ten workers not making it to the office, businesses are said to be losing millions every day.

Forcasters are predicting plenty more snow over the weekend and two more weeks of severe cold in the where temperatures have dipped as low as -17.

It is a similar story in the west of France, with hundreds of schools forced to close, and roads in many areas virtually grinding to a halt.

The capital, Paris, saw heavy snowfalls over night. Despite warnings to stay off the road, many drivers chose to, or had to brave the conditions.

“Horrible, horrible. Frankly I’ve never seen anything like it,” is how one woman described her trip.

Temperatures in Spain might not be as low as in other countries but they are still extereme conditions for the Iberian peninsula.

And there too, many regions have been put on alert as weathermen predict more snow over the weekend.