Zuma adds bride to list of wives

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Zuma adds bride to list of wives

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South Africa’s Polygamous President has married his fifth wife – but not without a hitch.

67-year-old Jacob Zuma has married a woman almost 30 years his junior in a traditional ceremony in Kwazulu-Natal province. He now has three current wives.

While dancing, though, the president appeared to lose his balance and fell. He did not seem to be seriously hurt.

Multiple marriages are legal in South Africa and are part of Zulu culture.

The president is reported to have had some 19 children with his multiple partners, one of whom he divorced and another who committed suicide.

He remains on good terms with the wife he divorced, though; she currently serves in his government as Home Affairs minister.

Zuma’s current wives attended his inauguration ceremony in May last year. But only his first wife, whom he married in 1973, accompanied him to the main stage.

Not everyone is celebrating the president’s new marriage, however. Critics have questioned whether a head of state should be polygamous, and Zuma’s come in for criticism from HIV/AIDS campaigners.