Yemen launches raids against al-Qaeda

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Yemen launches raids against al-Qaeda

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Yemen has begun an offensive against al-Qaeda.

The strike coincided with the reopening of the US embassy in Sanaa.

The complex was given the all-clear after security forces staged a raid just outside the capital to deal with what they called an imminent security threat.

According to authorities, five suspected fighters from the group were detained.

Yemen has sent thousands of troops to take part in a campaign against al-Qaeda in three provinces over the past three days.

After talks with her Qatari counterpart yesterday, the US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said fighting in Yemen was a threat to regional and global stability.

The US has quietly been supplying military equipment, intelligence and training to Yemeni forces to root out suspected al-Qaeda militants; but it’s main dilemma may come from working with a government tainted by corruption allegations — a situation it has faced before, most recently in Afghanistan and Iraq.

This time, however, it has stressed that international cooperation is absolutely essential for its continued support.