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When 9 = 8 1/2


When 9 = 8 1/2

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The movie version of the Broadway musical extravaganza, “Nine” is now coming out across Europe, with its dazzling, A-list cast that includes Daniel Day Lewis, Penelope Cruz and Nicole Kidman, among others.

The film is also a homage to the Italian director Federico Fellini, “Nine” intending to take that director’s famed “8 1/2” a step further into their shared panoramas of passion, lust, desire, love, dreams and delusions.

“Nine” was a huge Broadway hit. Now director Rob Marshall, Oscar-nominated in the past, is hoping to strike gold with this richly cinematic epic of an artist’s transformation, which has also benefitted from a screenplay written by the late Anthony Minghella, and Michael Tolkin, who wrote Robert Altman’s “The Player”.

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