Russia resumes air links with Georgia

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Russia resumes air links with Georgia

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Russia and Georgia have moved a small step closer to resuming ties.

Flights between Tbilisi and Moscow are set to resume following last year’s war between the two countries.

Last week Georgian Airways cancelled a planned resumption saying permission from Russia came too late.

Meanwhile, Georgia’s launched a new Russian-language television station with the aim of offering news directly to its neigbour.

Some critics have described the channel an anti-Kremlin mouthpiece for Tbilisi.

A view far from reality according to political analyst, Andro Barnov, from Georgia’s Institute of Strategy and Development.

“Allegations that it’s dangerous, anti-Russian or something are unfounded. I think it just serves their political or business agendas and has nothing to do with reality, really.”

Ties between the two countries have been frozen since they fought a brief war in 2008 after Georgia tried by force to retake the breakaway South Ossetia region.

But despite the move to resume flights, Moscow says there will be no official contact as long as Georgian President Mikhaail Saakashvili remains in office.