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Denmark reacts to attempted attack on cartoonist

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Denmark reacts to attempted attack on cartoonist


The Danish government has given its first reaction following the suspected attempted murder of cartoonist Kurt Westergaard.

Yesterday, a Somali man appeared in court to deny the charges. Police say the accused was shot during his arrest after trying to break into the cartoonist’s home with an axe and knife.

Denmark’s Foreign Minister Per Stig Moller said:
‘‘Those forces that want a conflict with the Western world and make sure that Western culture does not impinge on the Muslim world will do anything to stir things up…..’‘

Many moderate Muslims say it is time to forgive Westergaard for his depictions of the Prophet.

One Danish Member of Parliament and Muslim leader Naser Khader said: ‘‘It is very important that the Muslim world starts to accept criticising their religion. You know, a religion that accepts to be criticised, it is a strong religion.

The publication of Westergaard’s pictures sparked a storm in the Islamic world in 2006. However many Muslims in Denmark, especially the Somali community, remain fearful of a backlash.

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