UK Conservatives launch election campaign early

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UK Conservatives launch election campaign early

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As a new year, 2010 is barely underway.

But, as it is an election year in Britain, would-be Prime Minister David Cameron has wasted no time in setting out his priorities for government.

In a major speech, the main Conservative opposition leader called for economic, social and political change and pledged to protect the National Health Service.

“Britain needs responsible economic policies that deal with our debts so we have stability to create jobs and keep mortgage rates and tax rates lower,” Cameron said in the address at the Oxford School of Drama.

“We will not cut the NHS. We will improve it for everyone.”

According to the latest opinion polls, the centre-right Conservatives remain on course to oust the ruling Labour Party in an election due by June.

But, amid some signs of a Labour fightback, Premier Gordon Brown could ask the British people to cast their ballots as early as March. Hence the Tories’ determination not to be caught off guard.

Accused by Labour of heading a party that favours the privileged, David Cameron is hoping his move into Downing Street is simply a matter of time.