Kidnapping of French journalists confirmed

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Kidnapping of French journalists confirmed

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It has been confirmed that two French journalists who went missing in Afghanistan on Wednesday have been kidnapped.

The two men and three Afghans accompanying them were last seen in the Kapisa province north of the capital, Kabul.

They disappeared the same day a Canadian journalist was killed in the country.

“Our colleagues are being well-treated, are in good health and, above all, are alive,” said Paul Nahon from France 3.

This is the first news we’ve had in 48 hours and it’s slightly reassuring and allows room for a little optimism.

“Are the kidnappers Taliban, are their motives political? Are they bandits who’ve taken them to sell them to the Taliban? We have no idea yet.”

According to a colleague in Kabul, the men were seized in an ambush.

They were preparing a report on the dangers of a road through Kapisa where 700 French soldiers are based.