Finland reels from shopping centre shooting

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Finland reels from shopping centre shooting

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Finland is in shock after the country’s third shooting rampage in just over two years.

A gunman shot dead his former girlfriend and four workers at a shopping centre, before turning the gun on himself.

He has been identified as a 43-year-old immigrant from Kosovo.

Police say the body of the gunman’s ex-girlfriend was later found at her home. It is reported she worked at the shopping centre and a restraining order had been taken out against the gunman.

Family of the gunman in Kosovo said they were shocked.

“We can’t say a bad word about him,” said one family member. “He was very good. We’re saddened about what happened. There’ll be no festivities for us tonight.”

It is not known if the gunman fired at random inside the shopping centre in the city of Espoo, or whether he deliberately chose his victims.

Debate over gun ownership has been raging in Finland; separate shooting sprees at two schools over the past two years have left 20 people dead.