British hostage released in Iraq

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British hostage released in Iraq

British hostage released in Iraq
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Brit Peter Moore has been released alive after two and a half years in captivity in Iraq.

The computer programmer was working on contract in Baghdad when he was taken hostage by militants rumoured to be connected to Iran’s Revolutionary guard.

Iraqi officials say the 36 year old is in good health.

Fran Sweeney, Peter Moore’s stepfather said: “He’d been looked after quite well since last June, I believe. There’s still information we’re waiting to hear and there’s probably a lot we won’t here until we actually meet up.”

Four bodyguards were taken hostage with Moore. Three of them are confirmed dead.

The British government claims no substantive concessions were given to ensure Moore’s release.

David Miliband, British Foreign Secretary said: “I think there’s been a big change in Iraq to do with the shift of groups that were committed to furthering their ends through violence, committing to the political process ahead of the elections in Iraq next March. That is the foundation of the release today.”

Moore’s release is thought to be linked to the transfer of suspected militants from US custody to Iraqi authorities.

The militants are thought to be members of the Leagues of Righteousness, a Shi’ite militant group, and their transfer and possible release part of reconciliation efforts after years of bloodshed in Iraq.

In a video of Moore nearly a year ago, he asked the British government to release 9 Iraqis in exchange for his freedom.