London police probe after US airline terror alert

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London police probe after US airline terror alert

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An intensive police search is underway in London after an apparent bid to blow up a US passenger plane as it approached Detroit.

A mixture of powder and liquid is said to have been used in what the White House is calling “an attempted act of terrorism.”

A Nigerian suspect, reported to have links with al Qaeda, was overpowered by some of the nearly 300 people on board the airliner. He suffered extensive burns. The Delta-Northwest flight from Amsterdam was able to land safety.

“It was scary,” said one of the passengers. “There was a loud firecracker that went off and there was a fire in the plane after a few seconds. It was very scary for everyone.”

“We looked back and there was a struggle, I think about five rows back on the left of where we were sitting, and we saw fumes and fire coming out and there was another man who jumped at the assailant I think, the guy who was responsible,” another man added.

“He was severely burnt. His entire leg was burnt,” a female passenger told reporters. “They required a fire extinguisher as well as water to put it out. You could smell the smoke when we landed.”

“It was terrifying…..I think we all thought that we were not going to land, we were not going to make it,” said a visibly-upset woman who had also been on board Flight 253.

There is now a world-wide security alert amid fears the incident was part of a larger plot. Latest reports say the suspect has studied at University College, London, hench today’s search for clues in the city.