Eurostar trains back running

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Eurostar trains back running

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There is light at the end of the Channel Tunnel. Several long, cold days of travel hassle for Eurostar passengers have come to an end.

High-speed trains connecting Britain with the European mainland under the English Channel have started rolling again from London, Paris and Brussels. It is a relief for many, as passengers testified.

“I’ve been waiting for three days and the timetable corresponds to this train,” said one, “but three days late. What is important is that I can spend the end of the year celebrating with my family.”

“I am so relieved I get to see my friends and family and it’s great. I’m ready for Christmas. It’s nice, It’s a good present to be finally here,” said another.

It is still a limited service with only two out of three trains back fully operational.

Eurostar is owned by the French and Belgian state railway companies and by Britain. It cancelled all services for three successive days after trains suffered technical problems as they travelled through the undersea tunnel.

Company officials say a rare combination of unusual climatic conditions in northern France with snow and ice had brought a number of its trains to a grinding halt in the tunnel.

Trapped passengers had to be escorted from the blocked trains. It was the worst stoppage in Eurostar’s 15 year history.