Eurostar back on the tracks

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Eurostar back on the tracks

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More than 700 passengers climbed on to the first Eurostar train in three days this morning taking them from Paris to London.

Service had been suspended due to a snow-related malfunction of the trains’ electric circuits. Thousands of passengers planning to use the Channel Tunnel trains had been left stranded, many at Gare du Nord in Paris like these two passengers: “Hopefully we’ll get on the 9 o’clock.
They’re saying this one’s full and then hopefully they’ll trickle people on on tothe next one. I don’t really blame them but you know, just wanna get home.”

“I don’t think I’ll get one today. I’ve lost hope. I was still hopeful a few minutes ago but now it’s over. I was meant to leave today and already the people who were meant to leave on Monday probably won’t make it today.”

Approximately two out of every three Eurostar trains were scheduled to be running today. Company officials estimate this will allow some 26,000 people to cross the Channel.

The three-day suspension of services has affected some 40,000 people at a critical time for travellers trying to get home for Christmas. Some were very angry at the stoppage..

Hundreds of hopeful passengers waited in a long line at the vast Paris station while Eurostar staff circulated with coffee pots and trays of snacks.

That might not be enough compensation for many who got stuck in this cold year’s end calamity.