Europe's yuletide travellers frustrated by severe weather

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Europe's yuletide travellers frustrated by severe weather

Europe's yuletide travellers frustrated by severe weather
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Inclement weather continues to hold Europe in its icy grip as yuletide travellers face a battle against cancelled flights, delayed trains and gridlock on the roads.

At Milan’s Malpensa Airport scores of flights were cancelled as snow, ice and the knock on affects of delays across Europe compounded an already chaotic situation.

Those stranded have no choice but to sit it out:

“The first flight we missed because of the blizzard, the second flight was cancelled and now the third flight is delayed but we are hoping we might get back tonight to London”.

Frankfurt, Germany’s largest airport, was hit hard on Monday after heavy snow fell closing the airport spoiling the travel plans of some 8,000 passengers.

Frankfurt is now open, but the backlog of flights mean delays are expected, but the airlines are hoping things will be back to somewhere near normal on Wednesday.

EasyJet and its passengers have been big victims of the conditions losing 150 flights across Europe as result of airport closures.

At Luton Airport some passengers faced the prospect of a cancelled Christmas as flight after flight faced severe disruption:

“ We will follow the instructions online and we will see. Failing that I will just have to go back home, and I won’t see my family for Christmas.”

Meanwhile, in Hampshire in the south of the country many hundreds were trapped in their vehicles overnight as freezing rain turned roads into ice rinks:

“My car has now broken down, I’m eight months pregnant, my (car) recovery company offices are closed so I can’t get in touch with them, so I’m waiting for my mum to come and rescue me.”

Forecasters say the severe conditions look set to lift by Christmas.