Markets: 22nd December

With market makers slipping away for the holidays trading was thin on Tuesday, but European stocks held firm and closed at a 14-month high, up 0.67


UK in recession in Q3

The latest official figures have shown that Britain’s economy remained in recession in the third quarter. Construction was up by more than in the


OPEC output stays unchanged

OPEC members have agreed to leave the amount of oil they pumps unchanged, but some of them expressed concern that certain countries are not complying


Eurostar trains back running

There is light at the end of the Channel Tunnel. Several long, cold days of travel hassle for Eurostar passengers have come to an end. High-speed


Africités Summit roundup

Every three years, representatives of local authorities and local governments across Africa hold a summit to discuss how they can better serve the


Eurostar back on the tracks

More than 700 passengers climbed on to the first Eurostar train in three days this morning taking them from Paris to London. Service had been


Stay sober on the piste

British authorities are warning skiers to stay sober on the piste after a spate of drink related accidents and even deaths on the slopes. Ski


Eurostar back on track

Eurostar’s wheels are turning again. The cross-channel trains re-started a limited service today when a Eurostar train left the Gare du Nord station