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Europe's airports struggle with continuing snow falls

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Europe's airports struggle with continuing snow falls


Europe’s airports and airlines have been fighting a losing battle to get passengers moving and the problems look set to continue. Charles de Gaulle in Paris is warning that up to 20 per cent of flights are likely to be cancelled today.

Throughout Sunday, due to the adverse weather, there were numerous delays particularly on the routes Frankfurt to Dusseldorf, and Brussels to Amsterdam as all these airports were closed for some part of the day.

Airport operators complained that no sooner had runways been cleared and opened, than they had to be shut down again as more heavy snow arrived.

In Austria, rail travel in Vienna was disrupted due to frozen points. Elsewhere, three people froze to death as they tried to make their way home after evenings out.

In Poland, one man took matters into his own hands to help Krakow’s homeless at this time of hardship. Restaurant owner Janusz Kosciuszko offered thousands a free hot meal.

“The food is not the only important thing,” said Kosciuszko “What is also important is that these people know that someone is thinking about them.”

And for somewhere more usually considered a hot summer destination, Spain’s beaches have been more of a winter wonderland with sub-zero temperatures across much of the country.

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