Europe shivers in pre-Christmas cold snap

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Europe shivers in pre-Christmas cold snap

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The extreme weather hitting much of Europe is having deadly repercussions.

A train derailed in Sardinia, killing the driver. Heavy rain on the island has caused landslides, with rocks falling onto the tracks.

Elsewhere in Italy, snow has made road travel treacherous. National media says the country is facing its coldest weekend of the year.

Spain is also shivering. Northern and central areas have seen heavy snowfall, with hazardous driving conditions there too and in Germany where the cold snap is being blamed for a spate of serious accidents.

In Bavaria, temperatures have plummeted to -33 degrees Celsius.

One woman interviewed in Frankfurt revealed her secret for staying warm – a good hat, a pair of gloves and some sturdy underwear!

The snow has sparked speculation about a White Christmas but a man in the city said he had heard that temperatures will rise just ahead of the big day.

In the meantime, a sip of mulled wine makes the biting cold a little easier to bear for many of us.