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World expresses anger at Gang of Five

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World expresses anger at Gang of Five

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After the US-led gang of five had their way, the Climate text went to the rest of the world sitting in plenary session. And there pandemonium broke out. Smaller nations refused point blank to sign a deal they say is not worth the paper it is written on.

Island nations that could disappear under rising sea levels found their plight had disappeared already under the weight of compromise.

Venezuela’s delegate racked up the drama to another level, cutting herself in bloody protest at what she claimed was the sell-out of the world’s poor by the rich:

“Mr President, do you think a sovereign country should have to cut its hand and draw blood? This hand that’s bleeding now wants to speak and has the same rights as any of those who you call a representative group of leaders,” said Claudia Salerno.

The stormy plenary session lasted from three am until 10 and it remains to be seen how many nations will eventually sign this diluted deal.

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