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Kiribati risks drowning in higher temperatures

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Kiribati risks drowning in higher temperatures

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One of the island nations living the climate drama most keenly is tiny Kiribati — in the central Pacific Ocean. The rising of the sea level because of higher global temperatures threatens people like this with total submersion. In Copenhagen they feared a commitment not to exceed two degrees was not enough.

The President of Kiribati, Anote Tong, said: “Even two degrees is too much for us. Three degrees I don’t think it matters any more because we’re already well off the face of the Earth. So this is the reason we had been going for 1.5 (degrees).”

“Here we have countries who are considering economic growth as the cost which they have to bear. We are talking about our survival as the ultimate cost that we will have to pay as a result of climate change. I don’t think these can be compared.”

The people of Kiribati were protesting not to be cut adrift, for if they are, they will be another nation of climate refugees, literally without a state.

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