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Merkel, Copenhagen: 24 hours to succeed

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Merkel, Copenhagen: 24 hours to succeed

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German Chancellor Angela Merkel has made an empassioned appeal to all the countries represented at the Climate Conference in Copenhagen.

She said the commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions had to be improved — to limit a rise in global temperatures:

“We also know that going it alone will not be the effective way to fight this. It is a task for all of us. We need to show the world works together, as we did in the economic and financial crisis. Please: in this spirit, let us all work over the next 24 hours so that tomorrow we will be able to meet again in this hall and show that we have understood: life can not go on as it was. The world needs to change. Let us all work together fruitfully in these 24 hours.”

Germany is the world’s sixth largest greenhouse gas emitter but is also a leader in renewable energy technology.

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