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EU pleas to salvage Copenhagen

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EU pleas to salvage Copenhagen

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In spite of objections to an urgent alternative approach in Copenhagen, the European Union called for an immediate extraordinary meeting of “the main players”.

French President Nicolas Sarkozy came at the question in his characteristic style. He said: “Time is working against us. Let’s stop the posturing. Let’s get back into the negotiation. Ladies and gentlemen, not a single one of us will emerge if he is not up to the measure of his historic responsibilities in Copenhagen. The question is now, right now, we have to start negotiating immediately. France and Europe are ready.”

German Chancellor Angela Merkel implored all the delegates to redouble their efforts. Her country, the world’s sixth largest greenhouse gas emitter, is signed up to the 27-member EU’s pledge to cut emissions by 30 percent if other majors do likewise.

Merkel said: “We know that we can’t fight this effectively alone. This is a task for all of us. We need to show that the world works together, as we did in the economic and financial crisis. Please, in this spirit, let us all work over the next 24 hours so that tomorrow we will be able to meet again in this hall and show that we have understood the message: life can not go on as it was; the world must change.”

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