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Can business save the planet?

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Can business save the planet?

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Today’s question on Talk Planet is all about business and the environment.

We asked Richard Branson whether we would have to choose between the two.

“I don’t think there should be a choice,” the entrepreneur replied. “I think that governments should set business targets. If businesses don’t meet those targets they should be penalised, and business should meet those targets, and in that way we make sure that the Maldives and other beautiful places like that survive and don’t disappear underwater.”

So does the Virgin boss think the private sector should lead when the politicians fail?

“If government fails to reach agreement on Friday then I think the Carbon War Room, which is an organisation which we run, will convene meetings with the different private sectors, the shipping industry, the airline industry, the IT industry etc, and try to get the private industries to set their own targets and make sure they meet them.”

The conclusion: can business save the planet? Branson is optimistic: “If the governments can’t save the planet, business will have to save the planet”.

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