The recipe for a climate deal

‘Nimb’ is a restaurant in Copenhagen that claims to be fit for the decision-makers and leaders at the climate summit. Respecting the environment is a


Markets: 17th December

Banks will have to boost the amount of funds they set aside under proposals by a body which guides global financial regulation. The Basel Committee


EU pleas to salvage Copenhagen

In spite of objections to an urgent alternative approach in Copenhagen, the European Union called for an immediate extraordinary meeting of “the main


Art for the environment

As tens of thousands of environmentalists gathered in Copenhagen, floating plastic bubbles filled the National Gallery of Denmark as part of an art


Can business save the planet?

Today’s question on Talk Planet is all about business and the environment. We asked Richard Branson whether we would have to choose between the


Court rules BA strike "illegal"

British Airways is set to fly over Christmas after all, after the High Court blocked a planned 12-day strike by cabin crew. Staff had been due to


Berlusconi leaves hospital

Italian Prime Minister, Silvio Berlusconi, has been discharged from hospital. After being attacked at a rally in Milan on Sunday night, the premier


Lights go out in Copenhagen

They called it “Earth Hour”. “An hour for the planet”. While inside the struggle to reach agreement went on, outside they gathered for a symbolic