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Hedegaard calls for world leaders to make an effort

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Hedegaard calls for world leaders to make an effort

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Denmark’s Climate and Energy Minister, Connie Hedegaard, has been chairing the talks and leading efforts to reach a breakthrough ahead of the arrival of world leaders.

But with the clock ticking on hopes of agreeing a deal, has her time in charge been a failure?

She has now stepped down. This is a procedural measure, which Denmark says is to allow the prime minister to take over.

euronews reporter Isabelle Kumar caught up with her to discuss what are the main sticking points.

euronews: What are the key ingredients to getting a deal to work?

Connie Hedegaard: “I think that it is crucial that we present two texts and respect that there are two tracks and that is how it is. I think that we still have key obstacles on numbers. Numbers for mitigation, numbers for finance, and then I think we have a huge obstacle in numbers on the MRV question, the measurable, reportable and verifiable thing.”

Nevertheless, Hedegaard says she remains optimistic of a deal being agreed because everyone recognises that the stakes are high.

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