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Clashes mar Climate summit

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Clashes mar Climate summit

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Danish police and climate protesters have clashed again in Copenhagen.

Riot squads arrested dozens of activists in the capital’s hippy commune of Christiania after a late night party turned ugly.

Anarchists reportedly created a barricade and authorities moved in after a car was torched.

Environmental protesters have criticised Danish Police tactics as heavy handed following a weekend crackdown that saw more than 200 arrests.

Inside the summit hall tension was also mounting. UN chief Ban Ki Moon called on nations to resolve their differences.

‘‘I appeal to them to redouble their efforts, to find room for compromise, to make a final push in this final stretch. If everything is left for leaders to resolve at the last minute we risk having a weak deal or no deal at all. And this would be a failure of potentially catastrophic consequences,’‘ Ban said.

African countries backed by other developing nations forced a temporary suspension in the climate talks on Monday.

They accused richer countries of doing too little and trying to ‘kill’ the Kyoto protocol just four days before world leaders are due to forge a deal in Copenhagen.

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