UK and French inflation rise

A sharp rise in fuel prices in Britain last month, compared with a fall in November last year, meant that inflation increased there last month at its


Markets: 15th December

European shares ended lower on Tuesday breaking a three-day winning streak. The financial sector performed worst, particularly Greek


VW to takeover MAN?

Shares in German lorry maker MAN shot up on a newspaper report that Volkswagen is poised to make a full takeover bid for it. VW owns a 29.9 stake


What will replace fossil fuels?

Talk Planet has looked at the effects of climate change, now it is time to talk about possible solutions. We asked Steve Sawyer, Secretary General


Learning with laughs

Serious games are a new type of video application. Developed along the same lines as a regular console game, serious games – as the name suggests –


Viva Elvis Presley

Elvis may have left the building but he has not left the hearts of his millions of fans. To mark what would have been his 75th birthday in January


Freezing weather strikes Europe

Please note: the temperature conversions mentioned in this video, supplied to us by a news agency, have since been corrected. The figures in celsius


PLO likely to extend Abbas term

The PLO’s Central Council has begun a meeting which is expected to extend the term of President Mahmoud Abbas until elections can be held. His


Pakistan bomb attack kills 20

Some 20 people have been killed in a bomb attack near the home of a Pakistani provincial government minister. At least 50 others have been wounded