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How can we save the Arctic?

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How can we save the Arctic?

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Melting ice statues like this one in Copenhagen highlight the impact of climate change.

Talk Planet asked Martin Sommerkorn, a climate change researcher from the Worldwide Fund for Nature, how the Arctic can be saved.

He said: “The Arctic can only be saved by drastically reducing greenhouse gas emissions, the greenhouse gas concentration in our atmosphere.

“Solutions are on the table: we have to keep global warming well below two degrees, we have to peak in the global emissions well before 2020, and reduce as much as we can, six per cent or more every year, and be carbon neutral globally beyond 2050.

“Two degrees of temperature rise will trigger feedback mechanism as things are happening, triggering things that accelerate or amplify global climate change.

“This will affect more than a quarter of the world’s population, not only those who live near the coast, but because, for instance in Asia, the food production is near the coast and salt water could mean those farmlands will not be able to be used to produce food any more.

“It will actually affect more than that. There will be climate refugees coming out of this, sea level rise is a big problem, on a worldwide scale.”

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