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Copenhagen enters second decisive week

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Copenhagen enters second decisive week

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Week two and a rally of so-called “green cars” kicked off the second half of the Copenhagen Climate conference. The talks are due to culminate in a summit on Thursday and Friday of world leaders, adding to the pressure on negotiators to reach a deal.

To that end, the former British Prime Minister Tony Blair and the “Climate Group” which he founded, produced a report tracking what still needs to be focused on in this decisive second week.

Ninety environment ministers met informally to try to overcome the rifts between rich and poor nations on cutting greenhouse gas emissions.

The UK’s environment minister Ed Miliband was positive about the meeting:

“I think there’s a very long way to go, but there is a recognition around the table about the urgency of what we need to achieve in the coming days and I think there needs to be more movement from everyone, more imagination, and I think we will all be striving for that.”

Sunday may have been a day off for the delegates, but the demonstrators were out in force.While police detained 250 protesters for disturbing the peace, other marches passed off with little trouble.

One group got their message across concerning intensive pig farming methods and the use of GMO soya grown on deforested land in South America which is used to feed them.

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