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Bears and balloons make points in Copenhagen

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Bears and balloons make points in Copenhagen

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Outside the climate conference protesters have again been making their presence felt on the streets of Copenhagen.

A crowd of about 1000 rolled a giant balloon symbolising a tonne of CO2 towards the Danish parliament, causing traffic chaos in the capital.

They were also protesting at what they called a “fortress Europe” policy towards what could be tens of millions of people who may seek refuge from the future effects of climate change. They accuse the EU of being unwilling to take in people fleeing areas that climate change renders uninhabitable.

Meanwhile inside the summit venue the polar bears who made their first appearance in Bali were back to lament there is nowhere for them to go if things warm up.

“We’re just doing, to tell the world, that there’s just five days left, five days to save this planet, to save human beings. There are millions of people who are dying every day,” said one of the bears.

Fifteen people were arrested outside for demonstrating with masks on in violation of local laws, but there was no stopping the bears.

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