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Copenhagen protests continue

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Copenhagen protests continue

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As the delegates at the Climate Change summit in Copenhagen took a day off, there was no let up in the protestors’ timetable.

After a vast turnout on the streets of the Danish capital yesterday, another group of marchers have tried to blockade the city’s port today though the demonstration was on a much smaller scale. Close to 1,000 people were arrested during and after yesterday’s rally. Police say all but 13 of them have been released, and of those still in custody three are due in court on charges of fighting with officers. One protest group accused the police of abuse, forcing hundreds of detainees to sit on the ground in near-freezing temperatures for hours. As they gear up for world leaders to round off the summit on Thursday and Friday, environment ministers arrived in Copenhagen. They are spending the day in informal talks on the by now well-worn debate over cuts in greenhouse gas emissions, and financial help for poorer nations. So far though pledges on emissions cuts fall short of the minimum proposed in the draft agreement.
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