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Climate summit: Rich nations 'must do better'

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Climate summit: Rich nations 'must do better'

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Funding the fight against global warming threatens to dominate the second week of the climate change summit in Copenhagen.

The European Union’s offer of more than seven billion euros over the next three years was broadly welcomed, but rich nations were told to shoulder even more of the burden. They were urged to provide long-term aid if their poorer neighbours are to accept long-term emissions goals. In Copenhagen, Antonio Pedro Monteiro Lima, of the Cape Verde delegation said: “Those who can contribute must do so. We are under-developed countries, vulnerable countries, we are countries that can’t do so much. So, those who can have to act now.” There is optimism that a global warming deal might be achieved this week. But there is also an acceptance that past promises have not always been fulfilled. EU Climate Change Commissioner-elect Connie Hedegaard said: “We will need to agree on innovative sources so that it will not have to come, all of it, from public finance budgets. Because that is where developing countries have all too often seen that fine pledges are given but not being fulfilled afterwards. We should be more innovative and creative this time.” And small nations are fed up with being ignored. The summit is missing several countries, including the Cook Islands. They say climate change threatens their very existence.
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