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Poor nations want more aid to curb climate changes

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Poor nations want more aid to curb climate changes

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The EU’s climate fund proposal has been warmly welcomed by COP15’s president but there has been a mixed reaction among poorer nations.

On the whole, it has been described as a good start but the lack of details and firm commitments has left some scratching their heads over how they can make changes in the future.

“Those who can contribute, should contribute. We’re under-developed countries, we’re vulnerable countries, we’re countries which can’t do much in that sense – but those who can, must do something now,” said Cape Verde delegation member Antonia Pedro Monteiro Lima.

Other delegates say the EU’s plan simply does not go far enough.

Jules Kortenhorst from the European Climate Foundation said: “As a fast start, it is on the low end of the range, but it is a good start. So the 100 billion euros on average for the next 10 years in our analysis would be a fair and reasonable amount and the European component of such an amout would be in the order of magnitude of one third.”

The text is still being considered by a number of countries, but our correspondent at the summit, Johannes Bahrke, says there is already a feeling that more must be done.

“The short term commitments from Brussels were well received here in Copenhagen, but it is also clear that in the long term much more money is needed. The developing countries also made it understood that this must be new money,” he adds.

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