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Is nuclear the answer?

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Is nuclear the answer?

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Talk Planet has been receiving many emails and questions.

Jean, from France, would like to know whether nuclear energy can contribute or not to the reduction of CO2 emissions.

We asked Antonella Battaglini from the Institute for Climate Impact Research.

“Very often it is said that nuclear energy is carbon free. I would argue with that because mining of uranium is carbon intensive,” she said.

“And also I don’t believe that nuclear can provide the answer to the climate challege. Everyone has the right to access energy, and therefore we need to develop technologies that we feel confident in deploying everywhere in the world, including North Korea, Syria, Lebanon and so on.”

“Today with current technologies more and more energy experts from the industry and not from the NGO world, are coming out saying that it is indeed possible to have 100% renewable, it is possible to start now deploying the technologies and reach a completely carbon neutral system within the next three-four decades,” Battaglini explained.

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