Turkish police clash with Kurdish protestors

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Turkish police clash with Kurdish protestors

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Security forces have clashed with Kurdish protestors in the Eastern Turkish city of Van.

Thousands of demonstrators hit the streets to rally against the prison conditions of Kurd leader Abdullah Ocalan.

Trouble reportedly broke out when police used smoke grenades and water cannon to disperse the crowd.

There was a nasty backlash with protestors hurling stones, fire crackers and petrol bombs at police.

At least one officer was injured during the disturbances.

Tension has risen recently across Turkey’s mainly Kurdish populated cities after Ocalan was transferred from solitary confinement to a new prison. He has complained the cell does not meet international standards.

Ethnic relations have also been strained by the very strong possibility that Turkey’s largest pro-Kurdish party the DTP could also be banned by the Constitutional Court.

Earlier this week seven Turkish soldiers were killed in an ambush by Kurdish PKK rebels.