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Protest groups fear flawed climate deal

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Protest groups fear flawed climate deal

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Hundreds of protest groups are in Copenhagen to demonstrate for action on climate change.

While the pressure is on heads of state to cut a deal at COP 15 many believe that the strategy adopted to reduce emissions is doomed to failure. Climate Justice Action is a new international network that has been meeting for a year to prepare protests during COP 15. “The fact is the capitalist system is causing climate change. The idea we can solve climate change by doing more capitalism just doesn’t make any sense,” said a spokesperson for the group. “We think that the agenda that’s being discussed inside the COP is mainly based on market profit and corporate business,” said another delegate. “Any deal that’s based on these flawed market mechanisms plainly isn’t going to work; not only is it not going to reduce emissions, its also going to keep having really terrible impacts on communities in the south that keep having these projects foisted upon them,” was another opinion expressed on similar lines. As leaders wheel and deal with the climate the streets of Copenhagen are alive with the sounds of protest.
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