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Rail against the machine

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Rail against the machine

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An express train load of environmental activists has arrived in Copenhagen intent on making sure the United Nations climate summit does not hit the buffers.
The train left Brussels on Saturday morning for a 12 hour journey to the Danish capital where it arrived just before midnight.
On board were 400 delegates, business leaders and ecologists including at least one world beater.
World Freestyle Skiing Champion Alison Gannet said: “I’m extremely excited, we just walked from London to Brussels – 250 miles – and it was a difficult walk in the same way as I think Copenhagen will be difficult but also extremely exciting. It’s such an honour to be here. It’s like the Super Bowl of climate change.”
The passengers were greeted at Copenhagen’s central station by Denmark’s new Climate and Energy Minister Lykke Friis who urged her audience not to compare their journey to being “On the Road to Nowhere”.
From Monday representatives of 190 nations will gather in the city in an attempt to avert dramatic climate change. Activists wish to remind them it is not just a meeting of talking heads.

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