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German 'Robin Hood' banker sentenced

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German 'Robin Hood' banker sentenced


With their bailouts, bad loans and bonuses it may be fair to say bankers aren’t top of everyone’s Christmas card list this year.

But, that might not be the case in Germany after one branch manager admitted to transferring money from rich clients accounts to those with money problems. Taking no nothing for herself, she’s been dubbed the Robin Hood banker. “She did it out of compassion. There is no self-interest. That has been sufficiently proven by the bank and the investigators.” said Thomas Ohm the defendants lawyer. A court in Bonn gave the 62 year-old bank employee, who has not been named, a 22 month suspended sentence after it was revealed she moved about seven and half million euros. Not everyone agrees with her actions. “First I thought, that it’s a modern Robin Hood. However you cannot do that. Even if it’s for a good cause, it’s not possible,” one man said. “Yes, at first glance it seems a noble thing, but I think in the end it was money that did not belong to her and which she shouldn’t have touched,’‘ another woman said. Germany’s most generous banker was finally collared after she began subsidising a small taxi firm in addition to private customers.
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