Cruise ship trapped by Antarctic ice

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Cruise ship trapped by Antarctic ice

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A Russian icebreaker with 105 mainly British passengers on board is trapped in the Antarctic ice.

The ship is not said to be in danger. Apart from the crew there are 51 tourists on board as well as scientists and a BBC camera crew filming a documentary. The “Captain Khlebnikov” is stuck approximately eight kilometres from clear water near Snow Hill island in the Weddell Sea. The vessel’s owners insist the icebreaker is able to move under its own power. German Kuzin of the Far Eastern Shipping Company said: “Actually the icebreaker is trying to move and is awaiting a suitable wind. The wind has started to blow but it is not strong enough.” The cruise was advertised as a unique opportunity to watch Emperor Penguins in their natural habitat. The stranded passengers are said to be taking advantage of the ship’s two helicopters to take air tours of the surrounding area.