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Corruption rife in war-torn nations: some EU states criticised

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Corruption rife in war-torn nations: some EU states criticised


Public sector corruption in Afghanistan is getting worse and the country is now seen as the most corrupt nation on the planet after Somalia.

The findings come from Transparency International and published in its Corruption Perceptions Index. Sylvia Schenk, from Transparency International said: “It’s clear by the rankings that countries hit by war and strife, which causes instability and the breakdown of law and order, are the places where corruption is flourishing.” Examples of graft range from selling jobs and justice to bribes for goods and services. The corruption league contains 180 countries and some of the worst performers are not all scarred by conflict, Italy, a G8 member, stands at 63 with only fellow EU member states Bulgaria, Romania and Greece fairing worse. A report into Greek public administration concluded that urban planning, state hospitals and town halls are the areas where corruption is rife. The least corrupt is New Zealand, which tops the table with EU member Denmark in second spot. Singapore and Sweden tie for third with Switzerland in fifth.
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