Berlin gears up for fall of Wall anniversary

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Berlin gears up for fall of Wall anniversary

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Almost 1,000 domino blocks have been placed along the route of the former Berlin Wall ahead of the 20th anniversary of its collapse.

The blocks will be toppled by world leaders and schoolchildren on Monday evening to celebrate the moment the Iron Curtain came crashing down. In 1990, when most of Berlin was itching to tear down its most hated symbol, artists flocked to the city to paint murals on a 1,300 metre stretch of the wall. Portuguese artist Joaquim Antonio Goncalves spoke about his work: ‘‘When we came to Berlin for the first time, everything was grey on this side,” he said. “ It was all grey and together with my friend we decided to put some joy and colour into it. The first time we did it very quickly, almost abstract and very colourful. Now this version is the same idea, colours, energy. This wall really needs it, with everything it went through.’‘ The newly-renovated East Side Gallery reopened yesterday ahead of Germany’s ‘Festival of Freedom’ party to commemorate 1989’s historic events.