More signs Hezbollah re-arming for a fight

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More signs Hezbollah re-arming for a fight

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A ship carrying hundreds of tonnes of weapons allegedly supplied by Iran has been seized by Israeli naval commandos. The cargo vessel was intercepted in international waters. Israeli naval officials said the cargo was destined for Hezbollah in Lebanon.

“The ship’s cargo certificate shows clearly that the cargo was sent from Iran through Syria. And this cargo is another proof of the ongoing efforts of Iran to support terror while ignoring the UN resolutions, especially 1747, and other international laws,” said an Israeli naval officer. Israel said the ship was carrying massive supplies of bullets, rocket-propelled grenades and a variety of rockets, in at least 40 containers. Iran and Syria firmly denied the claim. Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Moallem said: “This ship was not carrying Iranian weapons to Syria. It didn’t even include material to manufacture military weapons. This ship was carrying Iranian goods to Syria.” Israeli troops unloaded the Antigua-flagged ship at the port of Ashdod. According to Israel, the containers were picked up in the Egyptian port of Damietta. The border between Lebanon and Israel has been largely quiet since 2006.